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“Changed habits become more health promoting

and less health destroying”.

~ Carey Peters HCI

Beauty Is Your Wellness; being a confidential place, it’s an innocuous haven for anyone and everyone who needs to unwind, relax, relate and just release it all, without being apologetic. "It”, can be whatever you need it to be. My mission statement is

‘Relax & Live, Relate to Love, Release & Laugh at all of life’s stresses’.

It's a place where you can shop digitally. Order beauty products; to pamper yourself, order health and wellness products; to become healthier. The products are shipped directly to the comforts of your home. ​

None of my products have side-effects, they're all-natural!

I added a Bonus treat, when I added Travel to 'Beauty Is Your Wellness' by becoming a Certified Independent Travel Agent. 'Sun' is my first born, 'Moon' is my youngest, and I'm their 'Star'; is how I came up with the name to my travel business. 

Allow Sun Moon Stars Travel & Associates schedule and book health and wellness/business/and or personal travel, all-inclusive vacation trips, just for you!! 

Feel free to use our travel portal, or allow us to book well-being vacations for you at spas and resorts.

Please note: currently due to the CORVID-19 [Corona virus] outbreak we're not booking cruises or scheduling International vacations. 



Put your earbuds on, listen and watch the video below. Relax, relate and release all of life's stresses. Ahhh


In my transformation sessions, you'll identify your goals and develop an actionable plan to achieve them. I coach you, to excel in all areas of life. You'll learn to fall in love with your uniqueness. Listen to my 'Noomii' audio interview posted below, then click on my Noomii profile, & read my coaching reviews.

Give yourself permission, and schedule a ‘45 Minute – FREE consultation’ today!


Invested Program $1170:

$1050 if paid in full, 

$997 w/purchase of Health or Wellness product(s)

[does not include payment plans or paid in full] 

Payment Plan Options available

Complimentary Bonus Discount:

Wellness Products:

40% Discount on all Wellness Products.


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