I gravitated to Kim and started a rapport with her before I knew she was a Life coach, she's always been an insightful person to talk to. Prior talking to Kim, I felt stuck. I felt I needed advice on my career, my personal life, and growth, as a person. Kim helped me triumph through many obstacles. I was able to remove anything that clouded my judgement/views, which allowed me to put one foot in front of the other and I was able to plan my life/career-education accordingly. My time with her was endearing and momentous. She's one of those anchors I'll have down the road and will pass along to others whom is in need of a sense of clarity.

D. MITCHELL / 11/21/2019

Coach Kimmy is my Life coach and she's my Health coach. She's been my life coach off and on for 3 years. She's helped me overcome overwhelming aspects in my life regarding family matters as well as looking inward. My Mother recently passed away, because Coach Kimmy traveled that road already, she helped me journey this path whenever I felt I was all alone. She showed me how to give myself permission to heal, to relax, to unwind and to release things that are of the past and no longer matter pertaining to where Im currently at and where I'm going. I know my Mother is always with me, she's in my heart, I cherish all her memories and all she would've wanted for me, continuously. As a health coach, Kimmy has worked with me in correcting how I looked at food as it being a place of comfort and not as it being nutritional. I wasnt trying to lose weight and I didn't lose weight, my choice of foods has currently resulted in a healthier cholesterol and healthy gut. Coach Kimmy will be in my life, for life Love her Dearly!!!

M. ROBINSON / 11/22/2019

Kim was born to be a coach. I think shes more of a Spiritual coach than anything else. My experience with her was right on time. Id just given birth to my second child, Id taken on a new Managers position on my job, and life was a little overwhelming for me. Her coaching techniques were and are, that of a surrogate Mother; tough love demeanor with a lot of nurturing and love, no judgement and a means of protection. When I started talking to her, she helped me with self-awareness; receiving and accepting ownership to be able to fix certain areas in my life. Ive never experienced a life or spiritual coach before. I recommend Kim to anyone whose looking for an evaluation of self, who may potentially need to hit the reset button. Dont be afraid to invest that time in oneself, its worth a lifetime of benefits.

TANIKA / 11/22/2019

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