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How I Started Coaching.....

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

What made you smile this week? Or, what’s going well with you today? Are not normal questions you hear every day. These questions became part of my lingo, once I became a Certified Holistic Health & Life Coach.

I worked in IT/Telecommunications for over 30 years. I chose my divine career as a Certified Holistic Health & Life Coach after my Mother transitioned from Atrial-Fibrillation; [heart disease]. I coach individuals to develop a healthy heart, successfully lose weight & keep it off, and to self-improve in transforming their relationship w/self & to improve all other relationships in their life.

Before my Mother transitioned, I was depressed I didn’t realize just how depressed I was till after she passed away. Mentally, I descended to a dark place. Bad habits began to creep back into my life, which stifled many of my dreams. Eventually, I decided to go to a Spiritual Coach. I describe my life; the hazy maze with a little bit of dance and a little bit of praise.

Dancing was my peaceful place of serenity and has been ever since I was a little girl. I knew I couldn't dance LOL, I didn’t care, I just loved to dance ;-). I was the epitome of; ‘dance like no one is watching’.

While in counseling, I did a Spiritual journey, I learned to value my worth and I re-dedicated my life to GOD. Me and King Jesus got a thing going on. I give HIM my time every day, and HE strengthens me in faith.

In my later years, I struggled with managing my weight. I used to diet every year before the summer. Physical fitness and being athletic taught me how to quickly lose the weight but I didn’t know how to keep the weight off. And every other year, I'd gain it right back and sometime more than what I’d lost. As a Health coach, I learned how to fall in love w/my uniqueness. I learned how and what to eat which caused me to manage my weight. I lost 22lbs 👍💋😲 which I’m now able to keep off.

I’m a graduate of HCI, [Health Coach Inst]. There, I learned how you do one thing is how you do everything. I learned how to incorporate my non-dancing happy feet into every aspect of my life, which led to a life-change. I used to teach Beginner’s Tae-Bo, I was fluent in kick-boxing and I pride myself in physical fitness and clean eating. For I do believe, 'Beauty Is Your Wellness'.

Years ago, I birthed my 'Beauty is Your Wellness' website as a beauty consultant. As an evolving entrepreneur, I'm constantly finding ways to help individuals love on themselves and teach them self-care. As a holistic health coach, I provide the tools to add additional years to one's life, without being apologetic. Health and wellness doesn't have to be hard, actually, it's a changed habit that becomes more health promoting and less health destroying, and what's more beautiful than that?

I’m also a graduate of IIN [Inst of Integrative Nutrition], where I learned the ingredients in becoming Holistic. Relationships, exercise, career, and spirituality are just as important to your health, as the food you eat. I take a holistic approach to supporting the whole person. 'Transformation' is inevitable, just as 'Beauty is your wellness'.

Relax & LIVE ~ Relate to LOVE ~ Release & LAUGH . all of life's stresses, on purpose💋!

I have 4 objectives: 1) continue to let my light shine, 2) to always speak the truth; John 8:32 reads: and you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free, 3) teach my clients to not be afraid to dance, as if no one’s watching and 4) through my coaching; teach people how to take better care of their health, wellness, psyche and mental-state-of-being.

We all are phenomenal people, we're extraordinary people, this is what make us special & different. But if we don't know this about ourselves, if we don't know how much we're loved by King Jesus and how our life is HIS gift to us; which should be cherished and adored. Unfortunately, we're merely existing, day after day, after day, after day, without living, no joy, no peace, no self love.

Dance, to your very own rhythm, till your heart is content. Learn to believe in yourself, believe in your strengths, [you're much stronger than you actually believe you are]. Learn to love everything about who you are and who you've become. If you need to hit the reset button, hit it, for it's never to late to become the better version of YOU. Whatever idea(s) you have, make them happen. Whatever dreams you dream, believe, that they will come to life, then birth it, step back and watch it grow.

Find your divine purpose, learn to Relax & LIVE, Relate to LOVE, Release & LAUGH at all of life's stresses.....

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