How I Started Coaching.....

Updated: Mar 11

I became a Holistic Health & Life Coach after my Mom transitioned from atrial-fibrillation. I coach individuals to self-improve in transforming their relationship w/self & to improve all other relationships in their life.

I help them to develop a healthy heart, and successfully lose weight, & keep it off. I once could eliminate limited beliefs on my own. In my early life, bad habits stifled many of my dreams. I describe my life; the hazy maze with a little bit of dance and a little bit of praise.

Dancing was my peaceful place of serenity, since I was a little girl. I danced to the Doobie Brothers [Michael McDonald], & Michael Jackson; listening to them on my little AM radio. I knew I couldn't dance LOL, I didn’t care, I just loved to dance ;-). I once taught beginners Tae-Bo, I was a kick-boxer and pride myself in physical fitness and clean eating. I’m a people’s person by nature. Individuals tend to gravitate to me to discuss their depressed stress. I never realized, I would tell people all the things, I wanted someone to tell me or I simply wanted someone to listen.

Starting from my early teens, I always felt like a failure, I didn’t know my self-worth. I didn’t belong anywhere, not with friends and not with my own family. I learned my self-worth later in life and learned people gravitated to the light they saw within me. I may have thought it was dim, but it was bright to others.

My Mother was always, my biggest fan, she’d always tell me; “put Christ first”. When my Mother transitioned; I went to a Spiritual Coach, I went on a spiritual journey and I did a life change. I incorporated my non-dancing happy-feet ;-) into every aspect of my life. Not who I once was, or how I once was, but BETTER, then I’d ever been before. I spend time with Yahweh in mediation, I abide in El Shaddai’s words, I validate me. I see 'my' light and I gravitate towards it, on purpose. I gift myself, a relationship to me every day ;-). Transformation is inevitable and anything is possible. Where would you like your health or life to be in 90 days?

I have 4 objectives: 1) continue to let my light shine, 2) to always speak the truth; John 8:32 reads: and you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free, 3) teach my clients to not be afraid to dance, as if no one’s watching and 4) through my coaching; teach people how to take better care of their health, wellness, psyche and mental-state-of-being.

We all are phenomenal people, we're extraordinary people, this is what make us special & different. But if we don't know this about ourselves, if we don't know how much we're loved by King Jesus and how our life is HIS gift to us; which should be cherished and adored. Unfortunately, we're merely existing, day after day, after day, after day, without living, no joy, no peace, no self love.

Dance, to your very own rhythm, till your heart is content. Learn to believe in yourself, believe in your strengths, [you're much stronger than you actually believe you are]. Learn to love everything about who you are and who you've become. If you need to hit the reset button, hit it, for it's never to late to become the better version of YOU. Whatever idea(s) you have, make them happen. Whatever dreams you dream, believe, that they will come to life, then birth it, step back and watch it grow.

Find your divine purpose, learn to Relax & LIVE, Relate to LOVE, Release & LAUGH at all of life's stresses.....


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